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Upcoming Events:

WINTER BOOK SALE - FEBRUARY 6 - 8, 2020 at the Oconee County Library

FAMILY FUN DAY - SATURDAY MAY 09, 2020   10AM - 1PM at the Library                            Our Kickoff to the 2020 Summer Reading Program!  FREE!

FALL BOOK SALE - SEPTEMBER 17 - 19,  2020 at the Oconee County Civic Center


Past Events:

WINTER BOOK SALE 2019 (At the Oconee County Library)



Thank you for stopping by our booth.  350 pumpkins were decorated by our young visitors      and taken home!

2016 FALL BOOK SALE - SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2016 (Oconee County Civic Center)


2016 WINTER BOOK SALE - FEBRARY 4 - 6, 2016 (Oconee County Library)

What Has OCLF Done for our Library Recently?

In fiscal year 2016, we have provided the following to the Oconee Library:

Thousands of dollars for Library Materials • Special programs for Summer Reading •  Supplies for Craft Programs • Staff training • Kimchi workshop • Refreshments for dozens of programs •  A local author ice cream social • Mozzarella making workshop • Supper for the Searching After Sunset Geneology Program • Christmas Puppet Show • Supplies for Young Adult Haunted House •  LEGOS, and much more!

In addition, OCLF has also helped host various author events and programs at the library, Family Fun Day, which is the kickoff to the Summer Reading Program and our 2 annual book sales. All these events are run with the help of our volunteers, who generously give their time to help make our library the special place it is.

Our success makes us want to grow and do more. We have built on the foundation of previous OCLF members and will continue to offer interesting adult programs, entertainment and education for children, and raise money to support the library and make it an even more wonderful place.

Won't you join us in this winning effort?



2020 Oconee County Library Friends