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Won't You Be A Friend?

If you visit the Oconee County Library, you are already a library friend! So why not go ahead and make it official? Join others who are concerned about maintaining a high quality library in Watkinsville. Your OCLF membership fees and donations purchase needed items not in the library’s budget, or fund programs for children and adults. If you can contribute your time, you may want to bring refreshments to events, plan development, introduce speakers, decorate, serve on the board, work with children at special events, or help with other large or small tasks.

An increasing number of Oconee County residents use the Oconee County Library every day. As demands on our library grow, support for the Oconee County Library Friends will be more important than ever!

As a Member:

  • You are invited to attend the earliest preview night for the annual book sales

  • You will learn about specific opportunities to support the Oconee County Library

  • Your membership fees and donations are tax-deductible

Best of all...Oconee County Library Friends have more fun than the average reader!*

*Source: an unscientific poll

There are two ways that you can join:

1. Download a printable membership form to send in the mail

2. Join online with a credit card


Membership Types:

Individual: $10

Family: $25

Patron: $50

Sponsor: $100 and above

Non-Profit Organization:      $25

For Profit Organization:      $100+


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